Saturday, October 11, 2008

Something else

Sorry for not updating in so so so long.. Ive been horribly busy with life.
but here are some things i made like, a month

Friday, September 12, 2008

sicky poo

really, end of story, Im sick...
school is busy, and I hate spanish..


life is great though..
some awesome creations for you

Monday, August 25, 2008

A new Start

School starts tomorrow, and I am SOO excited.
Of course the summer went by oh so fast, but i did find the time to make some wonderful creations.

How was everyone's summer?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

all about me

well i figured i would make a list about myself becuase eveyone else is, looks like fun.. and knowing me, i like to be with the cook kids. lol

1. My name is RaeAnne Denise Mason- Sanborn, but i dont use the Sanborn part.

2. I love Manatee's. its my obsession.

3. I hate dogs, worst animal ever

4. Golden Girls is the most amazing show in the entire world

5. Reba McEntire and Kathy Bates are my favorite people ever.

6. If I could make singing my career, i would.

7. Grilled Cheese, Sushi, and my mom's chili are my favorite foods.

8. I am sick at least 75% of the winter. my body doesnt seem to like the common cold.

9. History makes my world go round

10. I can not spell to save my butt.

11. I have two cats. one is Molly and the other is Big Kitty

12. I dont have a favorite color, so every year i change the color im attracted too. last year was orange, this year is Yellow

13. NO SMOKING. it kills people, trees, and our environment

14. Politics is pretty much my life. I love being a Democrat

15. hair is my biggest pet peeve.

16. I am very active in education, some day i hope to be the Secratary of Education of the presidential cabnit

17. Country music is all i listen too


19. I sprint hurdles in track

20. I do work at Arby's

21. I hate the current president, what an A-hole

22. I can not swim

23. i love water animals, fish, sharks, wales,

24. Old Navy is the only place to buy flip flops

25. Forever 21 is the best online shopping store ever

26. I can not stand computer language. you are = you're. not your. brb? NO Be Right Back

27. thunder storms are horrible

28. Someday i will live in a Big, White, colonial house with HUGE while pillers. (not the white house) and the most amazing fences around the property.

29. i LOVE shoes

30. I love watching women's gymnastics, knowing that i could never do any of the things they think are easy.

31. My first Concert was - Nicole C. Mullen

32. my dream is to go to Georgetown university for law.

33. I wont drink soda, it makes me sick. but the other day i accidentally drank Mt. Dew, and i almost blew chunks accross the restaurant

34. I can eat onions like apples

35. I have pinched nerves right below my butt, from sitting in the school chairs all these years. so now my feet and my whole leg falls asleep adn i dont even know it until i get up and walk, ohh and fall

36. i am a total clean freak, but you wouldnt kow it looking at my room. scrap stuff, EVERYWHERE

37. i get sick on airplanes,

38. Im often told i cant hang out with friends my age becuase they're parents think im "Too much of an adult."

39. my mom, is my hero

40. Jonny Depp is hot

41. i can be very stubborn at times

42. not only do i love shopping, but i buy things that i will most likely never wear

43. i will not spend more then 20 bucks on a pair of jeans

44. i LOVE the ocean.

45. I miss my cows, pigs, and horses.

46. i dont plan on ever having kids, not if im going to be successful in the political field

47. somday i will re-do my bed room, and make it green, not pink..

48. i'm not allowed to watch scary movies, my mommy says so

49. i have a new fasination with toasted almonds

50. When i was like, six years old, i was learing how to ride a bike, and we lived on top of a HUGE hill, well push come to shuve, i ran the bike down the hill into a barbed wire fence making my bike flip into the neighboring corn field and me in the ditch right before the fence.

51. i have a blanket that i call woobie!

52. the bear my mom got me from younkers, i named him gordmans, after another store.

53. i love plaid

54. i have 2 families, my biological, and my some what adoptive family. i live with my biological, but my adoptive family is the one i will be refering to the most.

55. i love the sexual humor of Will & Grace

56. i have a brand new fasination with the Peace sign and anything that has to do with hippies.

57. i cant seem to find anything else about me, so i guess ill keep this and write some more later..

Saturday, August 9, 2008

my NYC trip, just pictures

i had an amazing time with my mom, stanlee, gramma and my aunt annie,

Monday, July 7, 2008


It doesn't seem like this blog is the right thing for me. I'll keep it just for ideas I guess...

but here are some fabs I made...

Monday, June 30, 2008

Awesome Stuff Guys

13 years babyyyy.. Congratulations...

Anyway.. I have been so busy with work, and trying to pay off for my NYC trip, [not working so hot] and I've been babysitting, and so on and so on and so on.
Summer is great, I just got home from camp a while ago. It was a magnificent time- it really was. I love camp and children and Jesus; it was great!
I hope everybody is having a great time and a great summer, don't hang out in the sun too much!